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Tips and trends

Salt reduction and VAN HEES

Excessive salt consumption increases the content of sodium ions in the blood, which in turn can lead to higher blood pressure, thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. VAN HEES offers many solutions in the production of salt-reduced food as well as for the reduction of fat and sugar. The familiar, popular taste of the product remains for the healthy indulgence. From boiled ham and boiled sausages to liver sausage – VAN HEES has individual solutions for every application to create and offer nutritionally optimal and tasty products.

The perfect bratwurst

Every good bratwurst begins with the correct choice of raw material. Meat that is rich in connective tissue (e.g. knuckle meat), for example, makes the sausage burst too easily when grilling.

Insider tip: With one gram of VAN HEES® Brät Stabil, the firmness can be optimised and the rapid bursting when grilling can be prevented. It is also ideal for long frying times at snack bars.


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Mediterranean diversity in the counter

Specialities with a Mediterranean flavour profile have become increasingly popular in Germany. Present more Mediterranean diversity in your counter with PRIMAL® Mediterrano. The Mediterranean flavour profile can be produced in various applications that will fascinate your costumers.

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